E-mobility lab facilities

The lab facilities which can be exploited for e-mobility applications are:

  • An EV (Electric Vehicle) emulator supporting the interoperability testing of the EV related protocols (IEC61851) is developed. It can be connected to an EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment), as the device under testing, in order to validate its compliance with the standards.
  • An EVSE emulator allowing the charging of a real or emulated EV in respect to IEC61851. The EVSE can also communicate with external stakeholders, i.e. the EVSEO, implementing the OCPP 1.5 protocol. Apart from the EVSE emulator, a commercial EV charging station (ETREL wallbox- 32A) is also available with smart charging capabilities.
  • An EVSEO (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Operator) adopting the OCPP 1.5 protocol for the communication with custom-made or commercial EVSE.
  • A custom-made energy management system with user interface offering several services to e-mobility stakeholders such as searching for EVSE location, electricity price information, EVSE availability, booking capabilities. The interaction between the EV user interface and the EVSEO is realized via Rest-Based Web Service technology.