The main services offered by the laboratory facilities are:

  • Performance of Power Hardware-in-Loop testing of DER devices integrated with the RTDS simulator. Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) PHIL tests can also be performed using the two power amplifiers of the lab.
  • CHIL applications with the RTDS simulator and an external Triphase Target PC which allows the design of the control algorithm in Matlab/Simulink and it’s testing in real time.
  • Testing both local and remote by Multi Agent System (MAS) technology and performance of optimizations.
  • Fast testing of developed control algorithms (Matlab/Simulink) in flexible hardware power electronic converters (DC/DC, DC/AC, AC/DC/AC) provided by Triphase.
  • Power curve measurement of Small Wind Turbines.
  • Small wind turbine generator testing.
  • Testing and validation of DG components within the Microgrids operation.
  • Testing commercial or custom made e-mobility products for their compliance with EV standards/protocols (IEC61581, OCPP).
  • Developing and testing EV smart management algorithms in lab environment (microgrids).
  • Testing and validating EV integration within simulated distribution network in the RTDS.
  • PV inverter testing according to standards.
  • Testing of protection schemes with the RTDS.
  • Steady state and dynamic simulations of power systems with high RES penetration: using various in-house and commercial packages.