Undergraduate Courses

Power System Analysis (Asymmetrical and Transient State)

 Category: Obligatory (main flow)
 Lecture Hours – Lab hours:
 3 – 1
Nikolaos Hatziargyriou

Course Description

Generator transient models. Transient and subtransient reactances and time constants. Short circuit currents, short circuit power. Shortcircuits at the terminals of loaded generators. Analytical and computer methods for three-phase short-circuit analysis. Transient models of motors. Asymmetrical three-phase systems. Symmetrical components and sequence netwoks. Sequence reactances of generators and transformers. Asymmetrical faults. Multiple line faults. Analysis of complex line impedances. Asymmetries in three-phase transmission lines. Capacitance circuits of transmission lines. Clarke components. Introduction to transient stability.

Power System Analysis (Steady State)

Category: Obligatory (half flow)
Semester: 7
Lecture Hours – Lab hours:3 – 1
Lecturers:Evangelos Dialinas, Nikolaos Hatziargyriou

Course Description

Generator models in steady state. DQ reactances, phasor diagrams, equations and control of active power. Effects of power angle and excitation voltage on active and reactive power production. Overexcitation and underexcitation. Modelling of transmission lines and transformers for load flow analysis. Equations of power balance. Compensation with capacitors and reactors. Computer methods for load flow analysis. Fast decoupled load flow. Exploitation of sparcity, sparse matrices. Parallel operation of generators. Frequency and active power regulation. Transformers with variable taps. Voltage and reactive power regulation. Voltage regulating transformers. Regulation with static and synchronous capacitors. Maximum transfer limit. Introduction to voltage stability and voltage collapse.