George Sideratos

Senior Researcher
+30 210 772 2875


The research interests of Dr. Sideratos focuses on two areas. The first area is related to optimal management of distributed production and renewable energies and the second area includes machine learning and artificial intelligence. Regarging the first area, Mr Sideratos has helped to create energy management tools under uncertainty. In particular, he developed models of short-term load demand forecasting for the Greek interconnected system, but also for autonomous power systems. he has developed forecasting models for solar and wind production as well as forecasting models for the HV or MV substation load with large RES penetration and for the secure operation of a power system. Tools also developed that improved the RES forecasting in extreme events when large changes in power penetration occurred. In addition, he has contributed to the development of tools for stochastic unit commitment and the probabilistic power flow in power systems with high RES penetration.



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