Social Entrepreneurship Forum 2019 – Workshop on creating sustainable Energy Communities

The forum was supported by Heinrich Boll Stiftung, department of Greece, and the workshop was organized by Electra Energy Coop, an energy cooperative with which ICCS-NTUA is closely collaborating for the promotion of Energy Communities in Greece. Electra Energy Coop, invited members of the ICCS-NTUA, specifically members of SmartRUE research team, in order to interactively present a sustainable model of Energy Communities.

At the event, members of ICCS-NTUA, presented a simple model of collective self-consumption that can be implemented in Greece, based on the existing regulatory framework. The model was presented step by step. All the required procedures in order to establish an Energy Community and all aspects (technical, financial and administrative) that need to be considered in order to implement a PV project that will cover citizens’ energy consumption, were explained.

At the presentation of the model the participants of the forum were asked to actively participate by creating an “imaginary” energy community. Fifteen volunteers, were asked to take decisions on some required issues for establishing the community. From this info, the PV park sizing, the required capital, the required shares of each participant and the economic benefits from the project were calculated and presented. A fruitful discussion was initiated from the results.

The feedback from the participants was very positive.

Impact Hub, Athens

30/11/2019, 14:00-17:00