SmartKye – Smartgid KeY NEighborhood indicator cockpit


SmartKye strategic goal is to develop a system for the future smart grid neighbourhood that will enable better business decisions to be made based on real-time fine-grained data. Key end-users targeted are the public authorities who can monitor and manage key indicators in neighbourhoods with the goal of better energy efficiency and CO2 reduction.

Skynet results in short:

  • An open architecture based on the common data models being promoted by the eedatamodels initiative. Skynet will not build its solution from scratch but based on already existing/on-going approaches.
  • An Open Energy Service Platform to act as a flexible information hub that decouples the energy applications interfacing different Energy Management System (EMS) in a neighbourhood.
  • Adaptation of different EMS deployed in a neighbourhood to be able to interact with them in a service oriented way.
    • EMS for EV charging point management – Pilot site in Barcelona
    • EMS for public lighting – Pilot site in Barcelona
    • EMS for micro-generation with wind turbines – Pilot site in Barcelona and Crete
    • EMS for Building Management Systems (BMS) – Pilot site in Barcelona and Crete
  • Two end-user application to support municipalities in managing energy positive neighbourhoods
    • A Business oriented cockpit
    • A Monitoring and Control cockpit

SkyNet solution will be demonstrated in Barcelona (Spain) and Crete (Greece) for a period of 12 month.

01/11/2012 – 30/04/2015
Project Budget: 3,127,874.0
Project coordinator: ETRA, Spain
Scientific Responsible for NTUA: ICCS-NTUA, N. Hatziargyriou
Funded:  European Commission
Partners:  UDE Germany, SAP Germany, BDIGITAL Spain, PPC Greece, TFLEX Spain