Project Title Funded Period
Platform for the Economic and Energy Analysis of Non-Interconnected Island Operation HEDNO 2012 – 2013
Power Quality Monitoring System HEDNO 2012 – 2013
Electromagnetic Compatibility of Electronic Meters and PV Inverters HEDNO 2012 – 2013
Data Management from Electronic Meters installed in the Medium Voltage Network HEDNO 2012 – 2013
Development of an Online Support Tool for the Non-Interconnected Islands HEDNO 2012 – 2013
Consultancy services for establishing a Stategic Plan for Renewable Energies EAC, GSRT 2006 – 2007
Design and Development of a System for Supervision and Control of Autonomous Power Supply GERMANOS SA 2006 – 2007
Study for the Grounding of the Wind Farm in Kefalonia TETRAPOLIS WIND PARKS SA 2003 – 2003
Study for the Analysis and Improvement of Power Quality PPC 2000 – 2001
Study and Development of  Control and Load Management System, in Systems with significant penetration of Renewable Energy Sources. PPC 1998 – 1999
Lightning Protection of Wind Farms PPC 1998 – 1999
Study for the Grounding of Wind Farms ROKKAS ΑΒΕΕ 1998 – 1999
GINA – Power Systems Analysis Program with Interactive GUI (Steady State) PPC 1997 – 1999
Automation Algorithms for Distribution AMBER SA 1998 – 1998
Lightning Protection of Wind Turbines GSRT 1996 – 1998
Computer Programs for the restoration of the Transmission System after a Black Out GSRT, PPC 1994 – 1997
Development of a Quality Control System for Magnetic Cores of Distribution Transformers by use of Artificial Intelligence Techiques. GSRT, Group Schneider           –
Automatic Analysis of Meteorological Charts – Diagrams and Automation of the Desing of Significant Weather Charts GSRT, Group Schneider 1991 – 1993