MORE MICROGRIDS – Advanced Architectures and Control Concepts for More Microgrids Contract No: SES6 -019864

Research within the FP5 Project MICROGRIDS (ENK5-CT-2002-00610), focused on the operation of a single Microgrid, has successfully investigated appropriate control techniques and demonstrated the feasibility of Microgrids operation through laboratory experiments. This project extends this work significantly with the following Scientific and Technical Objectives organized in 8 Workpackages:
1.    Investigation of new micro generator, energy storage and load controllers to provide effective and efficient operation of Microgrids
2.    Development of alternative control strategies ( ecentraliz versus  ecentralized control, application of next generation ICT)
3.    Alternative network designs (application of modern protection means, modern solid state interfaces, operation at variable frequencies)
4.    Technical and commercial integration of Multi-Microgrids (interface of several Microgrids with upstream Distribution Management Systems, operation of de-centralised markets for energy and ancillary services).
5.    Extensive field trials of alternative control strategies (Experimental validation of various Microgrid architectures in interconnected and islanded mode and during transition, testing of power electronics components and interfaces and of alternative control strategies in actual sites).
6.    Standardisation of technical and commercial protocols and hardware (standards that will allow easy installation of micro source generators with plug and play capabilities).
7.    Impact on power system operation (quantification of the benefits of Microgrids regarding increase of reliability, reduction of network losses, environmental benefits, etc. at regional, national and EU level).
8.    Impact on the development of electricity network infrastructures (quantification of the benefits of Microgrids  for the overall network reinforcement and replacement strategy of the aging EU electricity infrastructure)

The Consortium comprises major European manufacturers, power utilities and potential Microgrid operators and research teams with complementary, high quality expertise. Participants of the proposal have cooperated effectively in the previous EU Microgrids project acquiring significant know-how and gaining world-wide recognition in this field.

Period:  1/1/2006-31/12/2009
Project Budget:
4.68 million €
Project Coordinator:
 ICCS-NTUA (Greece),  Prof. N. Hatziargyriou
Scientific Responsible for NTUA:
 ICCS-NTUA, Prof. N. Hatziargyriou
Funded: 6th Framework Program for Research and Development (FP6)- European Commission
Partners: ABB (Switcherland),CESI-R (Italy),SIEMENS (Germany),PGE (Poland),SMA (Germany),CRES (EL) ,SUNLIGHT (Greece), LABEIN (Spain),ANCO (Greece),ZIV(Spain),Emforce (The Netherlands),    I-Power (UK),EDP (Portugal)    University of Lodz (Poland),CONTINUON (The Netherlands),IMPERIAL (UK) ,MVV (Germany),UNIVERSITY OF DURHAM  (UK),ELTRA (Denmark), UICEIM/MANU (FYROM),University of Manchester (UK),UKIM (FYROM),INESC Porto (Portugal) ,BIG (FYROM),Fraunhofer-IWES (Germany),DTU (Denmark),ARMINES (France)