MORE CARE – More advanced control advice for secure operation of isolated power systems with increased renewable energy penetration and storage Contract ERK5-CT1999-00019

The main objective is the development of an advanced control software system aimed at optimising the overall performance of isolated and weakly interconnected systems in liberalised market environments.  This will allow increasing the share of wind energy and other renewable forms. The main features of the control system comprise advanced software modules for:
–    Improved wind power forecasting modules for a short-term (0-8 hour) and medium time horizon (4-48 hours).
–    Hydropower forecasting functions.
–    Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch modules that take into account the availability of hydro-storage, liberalised market conditions and increased security conditions.
–    On-line security modules to provide both preventive and corrective advice in case of predetermined disturbances.
–    Installation of the enhanced and new forecasting, operational planning and security modules on Crete, Madeira and Ireland.  The aim of these pilot installations is to test the system functions under the new operating conditions with very high wind power penetration.
Period: 1/3/2000-28/02/2003
Project Budget:
1.5 million €.
Project Coordinator:
ICCS-NTUA (Greece),  Prof. N. Hatziargyriou
Scientific Responsible for NTUA:
Prof. N. Hatziargyriou
Funded: European Commission – 5th Framework Program for Research and Development (FP5)
Partners: INESC Porto (Portugal),ARMINES (France),PPC (Greece),AUTH (Greece),ESB (Ireland),EEM (Portugal),CCLRC-RAL (UK)