CARE – Advanced Control Advice for Power Systems with Large Scale Integration of Renewable Energy Sources

The project aims at building a global control system to provide advice on the optimal operating strategy of power systems of large and medium size islands with large scale integration of renewable energy sources. More specifically, the objectives are:
1)    The development of CARE, an adaptable advanced control software that will achieve optimal utilization of multi-renewable energy sources, in a wide variety of medium and large size isolated systems with diverse structures and operating conditions by advising operators of possible actions. The insurance of increased security and reliability of the system will allow maximization of renewables penetration. The product includes various modules for forecasting, operational planning and on-line security assessment. Due to the diverse needs of the targeted medium and large scale systems, the software developed is highly modular, allowing the integration of the options that are best suited to the particularities of each system.
2)    The installation of a prototype of CARE on the island of Crete (Greece). The modular configuration of the control system software and the standard hardware used will enable further installations in other isolated networks in Europe and in developing countries.
 Period: 01/02/97-31/07/99
 Project Budget:
 Project Coordinator:
ICCS-NTUA (Greece),  Prof. N. Hatziargyriou
 Scientific Responsible for NTUA:
Prof. N. Hatziargyriou
 Funded: EC, JOULE III (Contract JOR3-CT96-0119)