ANEMOS Plus – Advanced Tools for the Management of Electricity Grids with Large-Scale  Wind Generation

The project aims at the optimal management of electricity grids linked to large-scale wind power generation. For this purpose, the project develops new intelligent management tools for addressing the variability of wind power. Emphasis is given on the integration of wind power forecasts and related uncertainty in power system key management functions. The project demonstrates the applicability of such tools at an operational level both for managing wind penetration and for trading wind generation in electricity markets.  At a first stage the wind forecasting tools will be enhanced with new functionalities such as probabilistic forecasting. At a second stage new operational tools for managing wind generation and for trading in electricity markets will be developed.
Period:  01/01/08-30/06/2011
Project Budget:
 5.64 million €
Project Coordinator:
 ARMINES (France)
Scientific Responsible for NTUA:
 N. Hatziargyriou
Funded:  European Commission
Partners:  RISOE (Denmark),  DTU (Denmark), OVERSPEED (Germany), EMSYS (Germany), UC3M (Spain), CENER (Spain), INESC (Portugal), UCD (Ireland), REN (Spain), PPC (Greece), EDF (France), UAG (France), REE (Spain), ICCS/NTUA (Greece), EirGrid (Ireland), SONI (UK), EWE (Germany), ACCIONA (Spain), E2 (Denmark), ELSAM (Denmark), VATTENFALL (Denmark), ENFOR (Denmark)