Designing ICT for managing the smart grids with integrated microgrids is a challenge that cannot be won by a single utility, industry or country. It requires collaboration of all Stakeholders, in an interdisciplinary approach that brings together experiences from the different countries with their different situations and from different viewpoints, in order to contribute to a scalable system that is beneficial to the grid in the different parts of Europe. SEESGEN-ICT is a Thematic Network integrated by a large base of core participants (24 from 15 different EU Countries), to be increased through the celebration of Workshops and Meetings. The final aim is to gather the maximum number of key players in Europe as to enhance the role of ICT based solutions for improving and implement energy efficiency in smart distributed power generation and grids. SEESGEN-ICT will report state of the art, good practices and recommendations regarding ICT and related successful business cases from all regions (EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific), thus creating a basis for improving business models and regulation. It will also make it easier to start new research and development initiatives to develop the needed solutions. The TN is designed around five main areas: large scale integration of distributed and renewable sources of energy is addressed focusing generation and demand based resources but also integrating local intelligence. Business models for deploying expected solutions and associated environmental aspects are also treated. Each of the specific issues are studied under the same approach: first ICT offers and needs, then barriers and solutions, then ICT and policy actions to end with an ordered list of actions and recommendations per Stakeholder to push actively the participation and deployment of advanced ICT on energy efficiency goals. SEESGEN-ICT will finally deliver recommendations for supporting good practices of ICT implementation through Test Facilities.
Period:  1/5/ 2009-31/5/ 2011
Project Budget:
Project Coordinator:
Scientific Responsible for NTUA:
 N. Hatziargyriou
Funded:  European Commission
Partners: ENEA Italy, K.U.LEUVEN Belgium, VTT Finland, G2ELAB France, BTH Sweden, Labein TECNALIA-LAB Spain, ECN The Netherlands, AG SAP Germany, ARSENAL RESEARCH Austria, CRES Greece, DTU Denmark, VITO Belgium, CU United Kingdom, ISET Germany, GeSI Belgium, University of Lodz UL Poland, ICEMENERG SA Romania, AS SINTEF ER Norway, ASEW Germany, ENEL
DISTRIBUZIONE Italy, PPC Greece, European Center for Power